Awesome gifts for 8 year old boys

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If the boy in your life is anything like our son, you’re in luck: he enjoys so many things that it’s easy to come up with gift ideas for an 8 year old boy! Whether he likes to challenge his mind, challenge his body or just let loose you’ll find lots of gifts for 8 year old boys on this list to make for one happy kid.

Games for 8 year old boys

Our 8 year old has gotten really into all sorts of games! Some of them are straightforward enough for him to play on his own and others are best played with an adult teammate while he learns the ropes. Check out his current favorites:

Sushi Go!
Ticket to Ride
Settlers of Catan

Pokemon gifts for 8 year old boys

We might be a little behind the times, but our almost-8 year old is obsessed with Pokemon! He and his friends beg to bring their cards to school to trade and play all the time. What are the best Pokemon gifts for kids this age? Here are a few ideas to get your started.

Pokemon card sets

For a boy who’s just getting started with his Pokemon collection, it’s a good idea to get him a big set of cards. Even if they aren’t all great, the kids seem to love trading them more than anything!

Even better, he’ll be amazed if you give him one of these special Detective Pikachu sets! Each set comes with a special Charizard-GX card, Detective Pikachu booster packs, Pokemon booster packs and more – 46 cards in all!

Pokemon card carrying case

If the 8 year old in your life already has more Pokemon cards than he knows what to do with, he needs a safe place to put them when he carries them around. This carrying case can hold up to 400 cards and is waterproof to protect them.

Alternatively, if he’s really obsessed he’ll love this official Pokemon tin. It even comes with a GX card and some booster packs. There are lots more to choose from if that’s not your boy’s favorite Pokemon character.

Pokemon books

For kids who are truly Pokemon obsessed, they’ll want to take their excitement beyond the cards. If he’s artistically inclined, let me learn how to draw his very own Pokemon! This great book helps even young kids use simple strokes, one step at a time, to draw their favorite characters.
Add in these high-quality color pencils (they’ve served us well for over a year!) and you’ve got a wonderful gift for a young boy.

Looking for more ideas? Check out the best gifts for 9 year old boys.

Engaging STEM presents for 8 year old boys

If you’re shopping for a curious 8 year old boy, there are tons of fun STEM toys to choose from these days! Here are a few of our favorites:

Our son especially likes this one that is compatible with his LEGO bricks (keep reading for more ideas for LEGO-loving kids down below).

Best LEGO sets for 8 year old boys

There’s no maximum age for being a LEGO lover (except, apparently, for the sets that max out at age 99). The LEGO Creator line is perfect this age since each set comes with instructions for three different builds.

I’m especially impressed with this new Star Wars BOOST LEGO set. We have the original BOOST kit and love it, but this one takes it to a new level! It just might have to find its way to our house soon…

A new set of wheels

Our 8 year old is obsessed with having his own wheels! He loves riding his scooter, bike and more. Check out these fun options to get your guy out and moving.

A light up scooter

Sure, your kid had a scooter when he was younger and it was a lot of fun. We have the Micro Maxi Deluxe at home and our 8 year old loves it! This one lights up and will last until 12 years old (or longer). It’s one of the best presents for 8 year old boys.

A beginner skateboard

Skateboards are back in a big way! If your 8 year old wants to learn how to ride, get him a skateboard and protective gear to get him out there. Check with your local rec department to see if you can surprise him with classes too.

A video game system

Video games may not be right for every family, but if you have a boy that’s really excited about them they can make one of the best gifts for an 8 year old boy. Multiple family members can even chip in together to get the console and a few games!

The biggest hit these days is the Nintendo Switch, which is awesome because it offers so many functions. It can work as a traditional console attached to a TV, a portable gaming system or even a tablet. We love practical gifts like this that will get tons of use, and since its release there have been even more games released for the Switch. There are even cool accessories that will up the joy factor.

Great outdoor toys for 8 year old boys

When the nice weather hits, everyone wants the kids outside right? Get them off the screens with fun toys they won’t be able to resist.

Basketball trampoline

Every 8 year old boy will love this! He can get the thrill of dunking while burning off all his energy bouncing around. You can be sure of one thing: he’ll be the most popular kid in the neighborhood.

Sports gear for 8 year olds

If your 8 year old is into sports, get him some great practice gear to use at home! We got this soccer trainer for our nephew and it kept him busy for hours.

Another great option is a set of fold-up soccer goals. They’re easy enough to fold that an 8 year old can set them up and take them down on his own so he can have hours of fun even without help from grown ups.

What are you favorite gifts for 8 year old boys?

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