The coolest gifts for 9 year old boys

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Are you shopping for great presents for 9 year old boys? We’ve had lots of them in our family’s life! Here are some of our favorite ideas for gifts and toys for 9 year old boys that’ll work for holidays, birthdays and more.

Fun STEM presents for 9 year old boys

If you’re shopping for a 9 year old boy with an inquisitive mind, there are tons of fun STEM toys to choose from these days! Here are a few of our favorites:

A new set of wheels

What 9 year old boy doesn’t want his own set of wheels? Whether he’s hanging out on the driveway with his buddies or riding to school, check out these fun options that’ll swap his smirk for a smile.

A light up scooter

Sure, your kid had a scooter when he was younger and it was a lot of fun. But we have the Micro Maxi Deluxe at home and it’s still one of the most popular rides in the house! And this one even lights up.

Go Back to the Future with a hoverboard

I remember watching Back to the Future Part II in 1989 and thinking that hoverboards were the coolest thing around (didn’t we all?). Well now our kids take them for granted as a part of modern life, even if they don’t exactly “hover”. If your 9 year old boy is ready to test his balance and be everyone’s new best friend, get him this light-up, music-playing hoverboard! This definitely tops our list of the best presents for 9 year old boys.

His first skateboard

Is your 9 year old more of a throwback type? Get him a skateboard to get him out there! He’ll find lots of great Youtube videos to help him learn to skate like a pro.

Best LEGO sets for 9 year old boys

There’s no maximum age for being a LEGO lover (except, apparently, for the sets that max out at age 99). In fact, once boys get older the sets get even cooler! Check out some of these amazing LEGO sets for older kids – Harry Potter LEGO sets, LEGO robotics sets and even a LEGO remote control car he can build himself.

I’m especially impressed with this new Star Wars BOOST LEGO set. We have the original BOOST kit and love it, but this one takes it to a new level! It just might have to find its way to our house soon…

Turn your play room into the ULTIMATE play room!

If you live in a place with serious winter like we do, turn that basement playroom into every 9 year old’s dream! He’ll have buddies coming over all the time when you outfit that lounge with arcade games, pop-a-shot and more.

Awesome outdoor toys for 9 year old boys

When the nice weather hits, everyone wants the kids outside right? Get them off the screens with fun toys they won’t be able to resist.

Basketball trampoline

This one will top the wishlist for every 9 year old boy! He can get the thrill of dunking while burning off all his energy bouncing around.

A serious Nerf gun

Today’s Nerf guns are just a liiiiittle different than the ones we had when we were kids! These are great toys for 9 year old boys because you can get a set and have kids play together for hours in the yard.

Sports gear

If your 9 year old is into sports, get him some great practice gear to use at home! We got this soccer trainer for our nephew and it kept him busy for hours.

What are you favorite gifts for 9 year old boys?